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‘Such a lovely website and blog. You really have an exquisite eye for detail. Very inspirational… Keep us enthralled and inspired in 2011 with your wonderful blog! – Silvana de Soissons, Italian cook, food writer, stylist, teacher and founder of The Foodie Bugle Journal and The Foodie Bugle Shop, December 2010

‘Some people are different on Twitter than off, but the lovely @scrapiana is just the same. Bubbly, interesting & very pretty!’ – Becca Gauldie, purveyor of Scottish antiques (including Mauchlinware sewing boxes) and American feedsack fabrics, January 2011

‘@scrapiana’s blog steals my free hours.’ – Helen, mother of two small children and blogger at Find A Happy Place, February 2011

‘The right balance of down to earth, quirky, inspiring, inquisitive & creative.’ – Faith Caton Barber, designer of bespoke bridal and evening wear, March 2011

‘Eirlys has a lovely witty way with words’ – Julia Laing, contemporary embroiderer, April 2011

‘Great to follow for her enthusiasm, and for knowing her stuff.’ – Kelly Fletcher of Jolly Red, creators of tapestry and cross stitch kits, May 2011

‘I love your My First Sewing Machine articles – personal homages to much loved machines. Very enjoyable reading.’ – Rosie Martin, Creative Director, DIY Couture, June 2011

‘I loved making the strawberries – so easy but effective. I could stay off work all day and make more.’ – Claire Leggett, painter and blogger at Paint Drops Keep Falling, June 2011

‘Rather late to the party, on Sunday I stumbled across issue two of Mollie Makes… Proof, if proof be need be, that the crafting revolution has finally gone mainstream in the UK. The incongruity of the location, coupled with the vision of handmade strawberry pincushions, made me screech in the tropical fruit aisle (I swear they heard it in puddings) and straight into my shopping basket it went…cute, easy project… I’m definitely going to give the strawberry pincushion a whirl’ – Tilly Walnes, Series 1 contestant on BBC’s Great British Sewing Beewriting about my cover project for issue 2 of Mollie Makes on her blog, Tilly and the Buttons

‘We had such a lovely morning… chicken soup for the soul!’ – Jess Pollitt of The Bath Crafting Cranny of a Scrapiana strawberry workshop, June 2011

‘My autumn vintage knitting pin bangles are *wonderful*! I love them… thank you x’ – Etsy customer, October 2011

‘Just wanted to say thanks again for the vintage knitting needle bracelets. Haven’t stopped wearing mine since I had them! I’ve been showing them off and telling everyone where I got them too!’ – Etsy customer, October 2011

‘Had a bad day but have just opened beautifully wrapped box of knitting needle bracelets its def put a smile back on my face’ –  tweet by Sarah Hatton, knitwear designer, November 2011

‘My husband sneakily bought me these amazing labels, but I wanted to leave the feedback because I LOVE them so much! I am currently knitting projects from Interweave’s Jane Austen Knits, and these are just going to make such a special finishing touch! They arrived so prettily presented and are superb quality – and thank you so much for the wee extra (we love you too)!’ – Etsy customer, January 2012

‘inspirational and creative’ – Millie Moon Haberdashery Boutique, Frome, March 2012

‘YOUR BLOG IS BRILLIANT, my girl!  Wonderful Wonderful… amusing and entertaining’ – Deborah Bein, fibre artist, May 2012

‘creative, eloquent and downright inspirational’ – Sara Sinaguglia, crochet designer and author of Simple Crochet (Mitchell Beazley), July 2012

‘Scrapiana is lovely. So helpful, and unintimidating (I am quite easily intimidated) and so full of enthusiasm for all things mending and sewing and cake.’ – Jen, blogger at My Make Do & Mend Year, November 2012

‘Eirlys is really good at showing you what you need to know and helping if anyone got stuck, but all without feeling like a teacher. It was more like an evening out with friends where we just happened to learn to make some really simple but effective felt flowers. I had a couple of rather low days in the week … but came away from the evening … with a big grin on my face – some lovely people and a bit of cutting, stitching and gluing is clearly the best medicine.’ – Sue, blogger at Deerey Me!, March 2013

‘dedicated to the re-discovered art of make-do-and-mend, the woman behind the Strictly Come Darning workshops… a pioneer of fabric magic, ahead of others like the Great British Sewing Bee.’ – The Bath Magazine, May 2013

‘Earlier this month we joined queen of mending Scrapiana (otherwise known as Eirlys Penn) for her debut darning event, ‘Strictly Come Darning’… Under Scrapiana’s expert tutelage, we spent a morning drinking far too much tea and learning three different types of darn’ – Simply Knitting magazine’s blog, May 2013

‘I can’t thank you enough for a fabulous upcycling hen party. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely and, with your help, even those who thought they were terrible at craft found it easy and really got into it! Having a small craft project for everyone to keep and a large group project for the Hen to keep worked fantastically. I know everyone will be coming round to help me finish the group project – we’re all now completely addicted to rag-rugging! I’d definitely recommend a Scrapiana Hen Afternoon to anyone.’ – Janine, Crafty Activist and bride-to-be, August 2013

‘Scrapiana… enjoy all her clever ideas on her terrific blog’Homespun (Australia’s biggest craft title), June 2014

‘Thank you so much for your amazing and beautiful handiwork!’ – Jamie Colston, Facilitator, Catalyst and Consultant, organiser of Your Century youth conference, on receipt of 150 upcycled ‘wizard pouches’ made for conference attendees, November 2014

‘queen of the growing make do and mend community of Bath’ – The Bath Magazine, December 2014 (see p.35)

‘our wonderful writer’ – Selvedge Magazine, June 2017

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