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Nov 12

Scrap of the week #25


These deliciously vibrant wool and silk Wallace Sewell ribbon-like woven trimmings were being sold on the Ray Stitch stall at the Selvedge Winter Fair at the weekend. I see that you can buy them on the Ray Stitch website too (though I got a better deal at the Selvedge fair – another good excuse to go next time, should you need one!).

Wallace Sewell ribbon trims


There’s so much you could do with these strips. I can see them gathered simply along their length to create elegant ruffles, or knife-pleated. They could be applied to a cushion, or the front of a jacket.  Or turned into corsages, or buttons. The zingy colours are so rich that a little goes a long way, so I’d like to try cutting some  of the silk ones into short lengths as tabs or tags, or jewel-like visible mending patches, making a prominent feature of their frayed edges. Or I could just wrap them around the gifts of fortunate friends.

Wallace Sewell woven strips


And what would you do with them?



Dec 16

Cape crusader

I sat next to the lovely dressmaker Faith Barber‘s beautiful capelets all last weekend, and so felt I should really give them the plug they deserve.


Faith Barber at the It's Darling! Fair

What could be nicer to set off that special dress, indeed that special décolletage? I think they’re stunning. And really remarkably well priced, considering their handmade, individually crafted qualities. They are sized to a degree (small, medium and large, if memory serves) but otherwise fairly accommodating. I think they’d make the most inspired gift, particularly if teamed with long satin gloves.

Something Fabulous Capelets

Capelet: (n) a small cape, early twentieth century - SOED

That kingfisher blue silky thing in the background is a handmade slip, by the way – another gorgeous gift idea. See more of Faith’s handiwork at her website here. I’ve a couple more shots on my Flickr photostream too.

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