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Feb 15

Sea Sew


I found this delightful little music video while searching for sewing-related films. Turns out I Don’t Know isn’t about sewing at all. The song captures perfectly all the delicious little unknowns you experience when falling in love (apologies Valentine’s Day phobics – just when you thought it was safe to venture out again!). As a bonus there is a pair of scissors at the beginning and some energetic snippety-snipping of paper throughout. Like.

I hadn’t heard of the singer before, though it’s three years since the very charming Lisa Hannigan‘s solo album Sea Sew was released.  Somehow I managed to miss her appearances on Jools Holland, Steven Colbert,  the Mercury Awards, and also her vocals on Greys Anatomy. But, hey! Better late than never!

There’s a Daily Telegraph interview with Lisa over here. It begins: ‘ She knits the artwork for her album covers with her mother, and plays broken-down, wheezy old instruments. Her blog posts contain not bitter tirades, but cake-making recipes.’  What’s not to love?

Fabulously unstarry, she says that her genre is best described as  ‘plinky plonk rock’. More of her very watchable videos over here. Am I really the only person in the universe who hadn’t heard of Lisa before today? Do let me know if you like her too and feel free to point me in the direction of any favourite songs.


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