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Mar 06

Scrap of the week #20

Liberty Tana lawn

Liberty Tana lawn

Liberty Tana Lawn

Three Liberty lawns


Liberty Tana lawn has got to be one of my favourite fabrics ever. I really can’t help being a Tana-phile; it’s so soft, floaty and fine, the designs so delicate and detailed (usually), the colours so vivid, and it’s such a joy to work. So I make no apology for coming back to it time and again as my Scrap of the Week. Here’s how strongly I feel about it: I’ve given up alcohol for Lent, but giving up lawn would be too great a test of character. Are you a Liberty lawn freak too? The confessional booth is empty so step right in and purge your soul via the comment box!

These pieces (and many more) are about to be wrapped around wooden beads and balls and transformed into beautifully bold and tactile necklaces for my forthcoming Scrapiana Liberty Bead Necklace Workshop on Thursday 29th March at Crockadoodledo here in Larkhall, Bath.  Astonishingly, I still have spaces, so if you want to spend the morning absorbed in this sumptuous make, please join me. There’s even a 20% off Mother’s Day deal! Just shoot me an email at eirlys@scrapiana.com and I’ll add your name to my list.

This workshop falls during the Bath in Fashion 2012 event, and there’s an awful lot of exciting things happening. If you hoped to hear Manolo Blahnik speak, however, I hate to tell you but you’re already too late (sold out).


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