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Jan 19

Worn Wear



I only just discovered this film released by outdoor clothing company Patagonia┬álast November in time for Black Friday. It’s a nudge not to buy new but instead to celebrate and love what we already have and what it means to us: a refreshing homage to significant clothing, and the stories we wear. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Aug 09

The latch ladder mender


The Latch Ladder Mender

The Latch Ladder Mender


Here’s a little vintage gizmo I used for the first time at last month’s the Big Mend in Bath. Someone brought a fine-mesh knitted cardigan with a popped seam and a little ladder, so we used this old stocking-repair device to remedy the latter.

It’s a cute little tool – basically a tiny version of rug-making latch-hook – and works well, though using it requires youthfully sharp eyesight and is a little fiddly (opening and closing the latch), but not so hard. I’m sure that, as the packet firmly indicates, practice would make perfect. A small crochet hook would have done the job almost as well.

Ladder mender

Teeny weeny latch hook


See how tiny it is?

Quaintly, the instructions (printed on the brown paper envelope) advise to stretch your stocking repair over an egg-cup. In case you can’t see the pictures, here’s what the packet says:




1. Stretch ladder across eggcup or hand.

2. Insert hook behind end of ladder to catch up last loop.

3. Work needle up and down and pick up dropped stitches.

4. Fasten off last stitch with silk and tie inside stocking.


Got any tips for repairing ladders in knitted garments? Or for mending modern stockings or tights? Have you ever seen one of these old ladder repairers? Or something similar? Do share!



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