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Sep 02

Girls’ summer camp 1912, #4


As camp sadly draws to a close for another year, our heroines form an orderly queue to fetch water…

Fetching water

…trudge across country in primitive wet-weather gear (thank God for Goretex!)…

Never let the rain interfere

…and fetch final supplies.

Getting supplies by boat

It’s tedious but I’m having persistent problems posting here on my blog (some kind of terminal disagreement between WordPress, Flickr and Safari which makes the latter crash when I try to load more than one Flickr picture onto my blog – if have you experienced this and figured a fix do let me know). Hope to repair it soon. Meanwhile, please bear with me.

If you are preparing young people to go back to school this week, I’m there too: sewing in name tapes, booking hair cuts, buying new shoes (but didn’t we just buy a pair last term?) and generally sprucing up slightly tired uniform. See you on the other side of the beginning of term!




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