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Jan 13

Block Party


An exciting Crafts Council exhibition is going on tour. Block Party showcases craft inspired by the art of the tailor, and it looks amazing. I found this 2011 film, Negative Space by Frederico Urdaneta, totally compelling; it reveals the extraordinarily subtle intimacy of the bespoke pattern-cutting process and the awesome skills of the pattern-cutter.

We don’t throw away any of the cloth. We fold up every small part that could possibly be used in the making of the rest of the garment. So even those shapes you get to know really, really well — the bit you’ve cut out of an armhole, the bit that’s left at the top of the back where you’ve cut that out — so even all of those things are part of the process. It’s not just this piece here, it’s the negative space that it creates.”

Block Party opens at Smiths Row in Bury St Edmunds tomorrow and moves on to Kilkenny in March and Leicester later in the year.

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May 24

Grandmother’s quilt

Shredded quilt

My grandmother's pinwheel quilt

Just take a look at my grandmother’s quilt.

Made in the 1950s – I think, though employing older fabrics – it has been well worn (dare I say abused?) and is terribly shredded but retains much its pinwheel charm.

Feedsack pinwheels

Feedsack fabrics

I washed it yesterday using a delicate soap, gently agitating it by hand in the bathtub (just prodding it, really) before letting it drain (boy, that water was satisfyingly yellow!), rinsing it, draining it again, rolling it carefully and putting it in the washing machine to spin. Then I let it dry flat and supported before hanging it (just damp) on the line to finish drying in the fresh air. All in the name of work avoidance, of course.

Dotty pinwheel

Feedsack pinwheel

You might see it as a cutter, but I think I will drape it somewhere and watch it gently deteriorate.

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