Aug 27

A nifty fifty


There’s no getting away from it. I’m 50. Well, how on earth did that happen…?

I’ve rounded the corner and am most definitely vintage now: absolutely midway between BNWT (that’s ‘brand new with tags’) and antique. But I’m holding up pretty well, though I say so myself. If I had to grade my condition as an antiquarian book, I might flatter myself with a VG (very good): my spine is still straight, nobody has scribbled on me, but I’m looking a little careworn, my edges bumped. You don’t live this long without collecting a few knocks.

There seem to be several approaches to facing these bigger, rounder numbers which I’ll summarise as:

  1. Ignore and pretend it isn’t happening
  2. Throw a big party
  3. Plan a thoughtful bucket list of things to do during the next year/decade

I’ve toyed with all of these, but my preferred approach is the third one. So I’ve been noting things down such as  ‘walk the Cotswold Way in instalments’, ‘buy less, live more’, ‘learn to ride a unicycle’ and ‘get sailing again’. I want to tackle the former so that I can have an excuse to meet up with old friends and family and just move through the landscape together – which is one of the absolutely best and healthiest things I know. I’m promising myself not to be concerned with how I look (I really can’t be bothered with most so-called ‘beauty’ protocols – and once you start dyeing your hair, when do you stop…?) and I generally feel pretty well and fit. I’m fortunate. Thanks to older friends who have advised on the way forward, such as relishing the benefits of one’s growing invisibility. I will try.

But first, it seemed fitting to offer a gift to the readers of this blog, especially as you’ve been so neglected lately. Wander over to the Scrapiana Etsy store you’ll find 50% off most everything, including this terribly sweet little vintage Vulcan Regal toy sewing machine. And this cottage teapot.




I’ll be pulling down the virtual blinds in my shop from September until further notice, so do grab while you can.


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  1. wellywoman says:

    Wishing you a belated happy birthday. I like the ways you've chosen to celebrate. I haven't been particularly looking forward to my 40th this year but I'm choosing to use it as a call to make the most of life and to do more. Like you I just want to get out and experience things and be with people. Hope you have a great time doing all those things. x

  2. Katy says:

    If you’re planning ahead, I’ve decided to make a tradition out of something my grandmother did to celebrate her 80th birthday.

    I’m sure you can think of many exciting things to do between now and then!

  3. joanna says:

    Well, happy birthday to you. It's only a number, an artificial whotsit. Enjoy it all

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