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SecondhandFirst Week

SecondhandFirst Week


Tomorrow (today if you’re reading this on the email feed) marks the first day of #SECONDHANDFIRST Week, 17-23 November 2014.

The week aims to encourage people to commit to sourcing more clothing and other resources second hand. It’s organised by TRAID, the charity doing tireless work to ensure sustainable and ethical practices in the clothing chain. It’s hoped that this will become an annual event.

Here in Bath, the Big Mend is delighted to be acting as a partner organisation, and we’ve arranged one of our Flash Mend events* in Bath Central Library on Monday 17th November. We’d love it if you’d join us any time from 1-4pm with some hand-held mending: darning would be ideal as we’ll be hoping to quietly impart mending skills to passing library users. If you’re in Bath and would like a quick darning lesson, come down and say hello, pick up a darning mushroom and try out some stitches with us.

Here are ways you can support the week:


Flash mend event

A Big Mend Flash Mend event


*Mass mending events in public places




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  1. carys davies says:

    Great idea, Scrapiana!
    I also pledge to wear second hand – probably 90%, like you, I buy underwear and socks!
    I'm sorry I can't join you in Bath!

    I am currently wearing *three* jumpers from a charity shop.
    I don't like the ribbing on jumpers, and have short arms (short everything, actually), so I have cut off all the rib sections, and unravelled it to mend the moth-holes (steamed over the kettle spout to make it straight). The jumpers are quite thin, and the edges naturally roll into a rather nice edge. Result!

  2. scrapiana says:

    Oh, Carys! What a brilliant upcycling/mending tip with those jumpers! I love the deconstructed peeling effect of raw-edged stocking knit. I was just thinking the other day about the trend way back whenever ('70s? early '80s) to snip collar and cuffs off sweatshirts. Totally changed the fit and hang and pleasantly softened the lines of those garments.

    As an aside, I keep all the ribbed sections of upcycled sweaters for specific projects (as the ribbing behaves differently from the rest of the garment, even after felting). Will show you results some time. :)

    And thanks so much for commenting. Means the world to me.

  3. timelesslady says:

    What a great idea. Enjoyed the mass mending event photo.

  4. Love the Tova top and am going to make another one (or two ) this spring! What a great idea. Enjoyed the mass mending event photo.
    Thank you very much for your useful informations.

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