Mar 06

Freudian coats



Freudian coat by Anna Gahlin


I was approached last year by fine artist Anna Gahlin for some technical help with a couple of pieces she was preparing for an exhibition.

Anna had set herself the challenge of embroidering significant words onto the linings of two old fur coats. She wanted to work them in purple embroidery threads, but wasn’t sure how to begin.

We discussed how best to transfer the letters onto the fabric, and how best to handle the slippery and uncooperative lining fabric, how best to work within the confines of an existing coat lining, what thread and stitch to use to achieve the desired effect.

Anna embroidered two coat linings: one with words reflecting the content of dreams, the other with the emotions stimulated by those dreams.



Embroidered coat by Anna Gahlin


It was such a pleasure to help Anna, and this is a very good moment to mention that I’m more than happy to be approached for creative collaborations or private sewing lessons. Do get in touch: eirlysATscrapianaDOTcom.

You can see Anna’s coats exhibited as part of artist collective Studio XYZ ‘s Freud’s House exhibition at Burgh House, Hampstead until 30th March 2014.


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  1. Ruth Singer says:

    Oh! Wonderful stuff.

  2. wellywoman says:

    I really love the idea of private sewing lessons. I can do buttons and sow a crocheted cushion cover together but anything else has passed me by. It would be really useful for me and I had thought about getting a sewing machine but watching my mum-in-law use one it all looked a tad complicated. I'm going to be a bit snowed under for quite a bit of the year but maybe later on …. :)

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