Jun 18

Scrap of the week #22

Vintage scraps

Green and yellow floral scraps


Here’s a trio of zesty vintage cotton florals found in a scraps bin in a charity shop last week for just 40p a pop. Happy days!

The ’60s one on the right is my favourite. Sorry not to have supplied anything for scale; the dinky little sunlike flower heads measure just 7mm across.

They’re now washed, line-dried and pressed. I have hexagon patchwork in mind. What would you do with them?





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  1. I’d use the middle fabric to make a rose cushion. Not decided on the other two yet :-)

  2. Ali says:

    Oh my favourite is definitely the little green sunflowers fabric. I would have to make something to wear. Either a fabric bow to wear as a brooch, or make a little pocket for my fave green cardi. You don't want to give it a new home, do you? 😉

  3. bizzilizzikelso says:

    They are lovely – the green one is my favourite but I think i recognise the middle on from the 60's – first time around!

  4. chopkins2011 says:

    Yes patchwork! as kitchen cushions, table cloth or napkins

  5. Helen says:

    I'm always awed by your lovely thrifty finds! My favourite is definitely the delicate yellow print, but I'm a sucker for happy yellow flowers. The three contrast really well, I think a log cabin would be nice, which of course lends itself really well to pocket, pin cushion, purse or pouch!

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