Jan 13

Sweater to slipper

I’m finally catching up on some of the jobs I meant to do before I got ill in mid-December. This is one I’m fairly pleased with.

Felt slipper

My brother's slipper

I’d promised my brother a pair of slippers for Christmas, and found this pattern which looked pretty quick and easy. I’ll post more about it tomorrow as a Scrap of the Week, including some work-in-progress pictures.

My raw material was a sweater which came from the wonderful Becky Button (who kindly donated me a huge bagful of sweaters when she came to Bath late last year, insisting she’d never use them).  This marled grey sweater made me smile as the label said C&A (I haven’t seen that name in years)  and was 100% lambswool. Becky had even pre-felted the entire bag of sweaters for me! How much do I love thee, Becky? Let me count the ways!

Anyway, the pattern wasn’t perfect but I’m fairly happy with the result. They turned out slightly too baggy for my liking, more loose than they strictly need to be, even allowing for the fact that they slip on. My sons thought they looked a little comical and dubbed them “elephant feet” (not helped by the fact that I used a big vintage spool of Sylko Dark Elephant thread to put them together), but I liked them.

Christmas slippers

Elephant feet?

The only problem is that my brother (who lives in care) has developed a habit of throwing away things which he finds annoying. Feeling annoyed can strike at any time, somewhat randomly. I took the slippers out to him yesterday and it’ll be interesting to see whether they have safely passed the annoyance test or hit the bin before my next visit in February.

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  1. Lisa Jordan says:

    I think they're great! Did you put an insole in them?

  2. Sara says:

    Oooo those look great.

  3. i like those – i use memory foam insoles {99p poundstretchers} in my boots they'd be fairly easy to sew in between the layers i think :) – i hope he doesn't get annoyed with them.

  4. joanie says:

    Those look so cozy! I do hope he "warms" to them. This is my first time here, lovely site :)

  5. […] can see the slippers I made with this in my last post. I used this sweater because it was about the thickness of felt recommended in the Martha Stewart […]

  6. veryberryhandmade says:

    Cute slippers.!

  7. sofy says:

    These slippers looks good. Any recommended store ?

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