Dec 17

Chef’s make-do wreath

Thought I’d show you this wreath which I made for my front door last year. I had the chili wreath in my kitchen already, plus all the other bits and pieces. I just tied them on with thin wire. The thick “ribbon” was cut from a tea-towel which was too stained to keep, so I rescued the interesting detail with the help of my trusty pinking shears.

Now, every Christmas I make scads of gingerbread. I haven’t done so yet this year because I’ve been under the weather, but the gingerbread-man shape is on there as a nod to those baking habits; he’s a Christmas decoration bought from the American Museum a few years ago. I was hoping to do a haberdashery-inspired one this year, rather like the wonderful Vintage Violet (aka Maximum Rabbit Designs), but haven’t got around to it yet. And today, I’ve had to bake a birthday cake for a certain very special little person in my life: it’s Jamie’s party cake with the blueberries & whipped cream sandwiched between flaked-almond chocolate discs, topped with melted chocolate, with yet more grated on top. Hope it’ll taste good.

Anyway, if you’ve made a wreath with stuff that’s just lying around at home, I’d love to hear about it!

For the chef who already has everything

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  1. Sue says:

    I like your wreath. Where did you get the dried chili peppers?

  2. aww thanks for the compliment and the link :)
    love your wreath too i like ones that can stay up all year,
    did you see these and this one ??
    i love 'em!

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